The Road Back to Tel Aviv

Day 9 Saturday

Last day on the road in Israel. Breakfast in the Kibbutiz. They really have good food, and lots of choices. The Kibbutizim in Israel have evolved over the years, from true socialist “share everything equally” to big business operations with members retaining private possessions. This Kibbutiz was a true resort.

Last night, the end of the big holiday weekend, saw the Jewish visitors to the Kibbutiz celebrating after the big dinner. They gathered together indoors and played games, sang songs, talked (really loud… seems to be an affliction of everyone in the middle east). Kids were running around, climbing on tables, sliding down the main staircase, yelling, crying and laughing (again…loudly). Outside, families and friends sat in large groups and talked until the middle of the night. It was very social and I’m glad I got to experience it, although I only lasted about an hour in the lobby area because I didn’t know the lyrics to any of the tunes. They were all sung in Hebrew. 🙂

We hit the road and stopped at a huge crusader fortress in Capernium. This place was really remarkable. The arabs took the fort centuries ago, and buried it. That was no easy task. The walls from the ground to the roof were forty feet high. They must have been seriously angry to go to all that trouble. The walls were five to six feet thick. Anyway, a prison was built on top, and the ruins weren’t rediscovered until the war for independence in the 1940‘s when an Isralie prisoner tried to dig his way out and felt a draft. He never escaped, but after the war they started digging it up and to their amazement, it was intact and had survived a very serious earthquake that devistated the region.


Our next stop was a Roman aqueduct down by the beach. Our route was along the coastline. the beach there was nice, and we moved on down to Cesaria where the Romans built a huge outdoor ampatheater. They currently use it almost every evening for concerts. It holds 8000 people.

Next door is a huge hippodrome used for chariot races. Very impressive.

We then had a look at the Bahia religion temple set into the hillside above Tel Aviv. It’s a breakoff of the Shia religion, but inclusive of males and females. They have a lot of money and build these temples all over the world. The landscaping is a hallmark of their projects. Check out the view above the city.


Our last stop was a walking tour of Jaffa which is now part of Tel Aviv. The view was really great from the top of the hill.

We saw other things along the way, I just don’t have my schedule and can’t remember the names or how to spell anything correctly. Needless to say, I’m tired of looking at ruins and ready to get on to Barca and the cruise. I got to my hotel at about five pm, got dinner at a Subway sandwich shop ($10. for a six inch with chips and a pepsi. It’s not inexpensive here in Israel). Then I got to bed about 8:00 pm so that I could get a few hours sleep before the Kings game.

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One thought on “The Road Back to Tel Aviv

  1. Julie

    Just caught up on your trip blog. Sounds like the food sucks. Booo. But glad you took all these pics so I don’t have to go myself and can live vicariously through you. Stay safe. Go Kings.

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