The Upper Galilee

Day 8  Friday

Got up this morning and took a brief walk around the Kibbutzim about 6 am. It was very quiet, but the staff was up and washing all the floors in the main building. I checked out the two swimming pools and the gym, but my cold is so bad I don’t feel like doing  much of anything. From the balcony outside the gigantic indoor swimming pool I’m able to look at Syrian territory and Lebanon. Both are just across the valley beyond the buffer zone of the nearest mountain peaks.

After a really good breakfast (they had pancakes!) we boarded the bus for a day at the Galilee, about five miles away. First stop was the Church of the Ascenscion. This is in the area of where Jesus did his ministry and preaching for the three years before he went to Jerusalem, where he was killed one week later. The church is dedicated to his ascending into heaven. The two photos show the alter, and note the rectangular windows. The second is the view through one of the windows. Pretty nice view, eh? (The eh is Canadian. I’ve been hanging out with a group of them talking hockey all week long). The second sign is the one outside the church as you enter the grounds. Note the “no guns” portion of the sign. Guess everyone (except tourists) carries one.


We then went to Capharnaum, the city where St. Peter came from. They have built a building over what they believe is the original site of his stone house where Jesus was known to stay.


We then boarded a boat to sail around the Sea. We were able to view the area believed to be where he gave the Sermon on the Mount and where he walked on water.  It’s bloody hot in the sun, so the ride on the boat was really nice.

We then drove through the town where Mary Magdaline came from. It’s only a mile or so from where Jesus was preching and staying. Then down the coast for an hour to a resort hotel on the water. We had an asolutely enormous lunch here, and barely able to move, I waddled with the others out to the bus. We made a stop at an Isralie diamond dealer (way too expensive), and then finally, the long bus drive back to the Kibbutzim.

I took a nap, got up for dinner, and connected with a guy on the bus named Joe. Joe’s a nice guy. He lives in the Ontario Province, Canada. You can tell he’s just a little bit too religious for me, but he’s kind, so I agreed to eat dinner with him. He started off dinner with grace, but it ended up being a story about a miracle worker in Canada who sounds suspiciously like a cult leader. My soup was getting stone cold. After that, it got much worse. Politics reared it’s ugly head, and he was not shy about voicing his opinions. Apparently, he found the conversation to be stimulating, while I just wanted to talk about hockey or other safe topics. Finally, when I couldn’t take his misinformed opinions any longer, I called him on a few points, and managed to get him to settle down. But I won’t make that mistake again…

Tomorrow morning we leave for Tel Aviv, and then on Sunday morning (Sat. afternoon in LA) I jump a flight to Barcelona. Turns out the Kings game will start one hour into my flight, and it will likely end before the flight is over. I am one, unhappy guy. Until tomorrow night……. stay frosty my friends.

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