Saturday morning 4-21-12

Good morning. I wandered around by the beach until after 11 pm last night. Completely safe. Giant hamburger and fries for dinner. Wasn’t back. A lot of people smoke here in Israel. I’ve attached a landscape photo of the beach just before sunset. It’s really pretty.

Took an ambien and slept like a baby. Got up at 7am and walked down to the beach to get a smoothie for breakfast and to take a long walk. I’ve added a photo of a building that looks completely thrown together with spare parts. It’s across the street from the beach.

I shot a early morning photo of the city from my hotel room. The buildings in the foreground give you a feel for how old they are. Most are deteriorating badly.

I walked a few miles along the beach today to shake off the inactivity of the fifteen hours of being in the air. Snapped a photo of myself with the beach in the background. I’m flying to Elat this afternoon, and tomorrow I cross into Jordan and head for Petra. More to come later. GO KINGS GO!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday morning 4-21-12

  1. Mike and Julie

    We didn’t even recognize you with your new face! 🙂 It’s fun reading your blog as you travel…feels like we’re there without all the work of walking. Thanks!

  2. Bob Schuit

    Glad you got there safe and sound. Now, the adventure begins…

  3. Bryan

    People hanging out alone on the beach at night are usually up to no good. By the way, Sharks and Red Wings out

  4. Bryan

    This is Jeremy- I see the photo of you at the beach but do not see your metal detector… Did they confiscate it at customs? How are you going to find the hidden treasures in the sand?

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